Drawing Project; thoughts and progress so far (VOlumE)

October 6, 2008 at 1:02 pm (Uncategorized)


Volume. Volume. Volume.

Initially I did a google image search on the word ‘volume’ as well as searching a thesaurus for different interperitaions of the word so I could come at the project from various angles. I found a picture of a computer generated image of volume of sound. I found the depiction explaining it difficult to understand but the image itself very interesting so I created a charcoal and tippex drawing from it.

The first thing to spring to mind when I was handed this project was different volumes of liquid and volumes of differing substances within the liquid (eg. alcohol, sugar, caffine).

I filled various vessels with differing substances and volumes. I then used a function on my camera called ‘colour accent’ to highlight only certain colours and photographed the objects changing the lighting conditions and camera angles. These photo’s were fairly successful, and I found it interesting drawing from them.

Next I researched artists who also appear to explore the theme of volume. John Houk’s Installation ‘Volume of Emptiness’ is a series of fine threads attached to a motor and suspended to the ceiling. As the threads move they merge together and the space they inhabit becomes full. Over time, the volume created by the threads shift in size and shape. This installation sounds fascinating, but having not seen it personally I found it easier to be inspired by his accompanying drawing. This was a series of single lined figures drawn one on top of each other and growing in size, giving the figures a sense of volume and clearly marking their mass in the space they occupy as well as where they have been. Initially the apparent flat, toneless figures, lacking detail give way for an immense sense of depth thanks to ththeir overlapping.

I decided to experiment with this technique myself, using single line and silhouettes, which was fairly successful although I eventually added a little detail by collaging on eyes to certain figures from a newspaper. I also did another drawing looking into the volume of negative space between chairs (from photo’s I had already taken for a previous drawing class). This was fairly expressive which I liked, although the technique I was using (drawing with charcoal and paint on a rulor) was very messy and I got frustrated with my drawing very quickly.

I also looked at a drawing by william Kentridge. In ‘Drawing for sterioscope’ a business man in a suit is standing in a pool of water, with his hands in his pockets and water appears to be pouring from various points in his body., cascading into the pool below. The man himself and the surrounding building is drawn in charcoal, and I loved the sharp contrast between this monotone part of the drawing and the bright blue of the water. The composition sees the man just off centre to the left and the simple lines representing the interior walls encourages the flow of the eye around the drawing, also mimicing the flow of the water.

I experimented with Kentridge’s technique by drawing Gordon in charcoal with bright blue water flowing from him in oil pastel. Although I did not partiicularly like ths drawing, it encouraged me to develop my initial idea of volumes of liquids in vessels, and carry that on to volumes within people, both natural and unnatural elements (such as blood, urine, saliva, enzymes, chemicals, drugs etc.)

So I looked into the human anatomy, and photographed people in the class, planning to use different colours to represent these different liquids, and a pie chart to explain what they are. Next I must research what our bodies actually contain, and experiment with different ways of visually portraying this..


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