~Mystery Box Day~ (1st Oct 08)

October 6, 2008 at 10:25 am (Uncategorized)

My unfinished final piece, aspects of it I like, although it needs a lot of work!

My unfinished final piece, aspects of it I like, although it needs a lot of work!


Last Wednesday, we arrived in class to find a large intriging box, drapred and taped in bin bags. It had cardboard flaps covering holes in which your hands were intended to feel the objects inside and draw your interperitation based on this sense rather than sight.

After a few initial gropes inside the box I quickly sketched what I felt along with a swift drawing of the box itslef as I found it interesting and allowed for further pondering into its contents. I based my large scale piece on these small sketches, thinking also about the colouration of the objects.

For the composion, without even thinnking about it I seemed to draw the objects on the page (from left to right) in the order that I felt them, as opposed to where they were placed inside the box. The scale of the objects also seemed to morph inside my head.. I’m sure that certain objects that struck me as most appealing got enlarged and splashed with bright colour to highlight them.

Overall I enjoyed this exersise. Every individual in the class had produced something completely different and it really went to show the unique way every person percieves things. I was fairly happy with my drawing, although I would like to work into it more as some of the objects appear a little flat. I think what this exersise has taught me is that seeing what you are drawing is not all that important, and at times it could possibly hinder your thoughts and imagination rater than being the all important sense for gathering information on your subject. It’s really interesting, all of the sub-concious thoughts that go into creating a drawing, you never even notice all the decisions and information your brain is processing, but this exersise has really made me appreciate my brain by bringing it all to light.

ta brain!


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