FIRewOrk face”

October 15, 2008 at 9:02 pm (Uncategorized)

😉 🙂

yay! almost october holidays, can’t wait to feel alive and sleep away my deprived snotty ZOMBIE head. 

anyhoo, back to sculpture..

I am pretty happy with my completed sculpture(s) so far. Although I had a few issues working with the unforgiving media of plaster; my armature crippled and the poor womans spine alsost snapped with the weight of her shoulders, and her head also gave way. But these little mishaps all made for a more intriguing result. Thus, along with the rusting ribs, cracked head and spindle like arms make her very charasmatic, although I feel overall, I feel this sculpture to be unsuccessful. As viewing her from behind and straight on I think you lose that intense twist and she just looks a mess.

But I have enjoyed direct modelling, and feel I have gained from working more directly, and developing from a source. Either a model or a previous sculpture or maquette.

-ta very much Manning man 😎


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