Journey; Video Project

December 15, 2008 at 10:42 am (Uncategorized)


So, I thought it was important to write about what I have done so far, and what I hope to finally achieve, as at the moment it’s all a bit of a jumble both in my head and on screen.

Basically my initial idea was to portray a period of time in someones life in a visually pleasing way. The various pieces of footage I had were so-so in their own ways, but did not mould well together, or make any sort of impact or hint at any kind of narrative. Really I wanted the viewer to make up their own story or conception and this would differ from person to person.

I realised when viewing everything on my camera I was flicking through my photo’s at great speed and they appeared to tell a story, sort of like a flipbook, quickly jumping from event to event, I liked this effect and decided to prodominantly use photo’s within my video. My next issue was which to use, and why. I thought it would be a good idea to dismember these events and splice them back together, distorting and changing the happenings for people to put back together in their own ways. And so, still following through with my idea of this video being a bold and colourful piece of footage to observe, the obvious thing to do appeared to be to colour co-ordinate all of my photographs and categorise these colours in the order of the rainbow. After that I wanted to speed it up so that no one photograph stood out and resulted in a blurred vision of colour, a smudge of a weeks activity presented in a few seconds.

I suppose it’s from here on that I started to get confusused. I tryed slowing bits down, mirroring the images, adding bits of video footage and playing with the sound levels. But really, I made no further progress.

I think, after writing this, I see where my intentions lie. I want people to bring their own perceptions to this video and therefore I don’t have to make an obvious attempt at a narrative. However I would like to have several subtle narratives in place, to observe how people react and which they choose to follow, if any.  In order to apply this I will change the order in which the photo’s appear in the flipbook to display certain periods of time and certain events midway through my video. It will be interesting to see if anyone picks up on this with everything moving so fast. I suppose this is also some sort of experiment with the subconcious of my peers, as i find this part of the brain interesting to engage with.

I also want there to be an obvious theme throughout the video, which shall be the rainbow theme. I shall capture footage of rain and play this at the beginning (following a brief epilepsy warning!) Then count in the fast flipbook with  block colour (7-red, 6-yellow, 5-pink etc.) It will be interesting to see if people only follow this theme or pick up on anything else. I also need to add sound to my video, so I thought I would (reluctantly) sing the rainbow song. To tie in with this almost silly theme I’d quite like to add a pot of gold at the end.

So there we have it Beck, conjure up, chop it up, splice it up, and work on a head f*ck.

Simple! 😉


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