Derek McCrea

December 17, 2008 at 1:39 pm (Uncategorized)

Eerie tree


For my final painter, I decided to investigate the work of Derek McCrea, a contemporary American painter, who, as I have done in many of my small postcard sized paintings, uses ink, pen, and many other media as well as paint. Although he is now most famed for his delicate watercolours.

In this watercolour, entitled “Eerie” the artist has applied what I believe to be a fantastic use of negative space for this imposing and crisp white tree. The colours in the sky are absolutely beautiful and very emotive. I love the blotched technique and the control the artist has over what colours run and by how much, (something I myself could only hope to achieve with watercolour!) I presume McCrea layered the sky, first applying the orange, then blue, then purple, and letting the paint dry between each layer. I find the composition with the three stripes of colour and the white leading your eye towards the trunk of the tree really effective.

After looking at this working process, I feel I would quite like to experiment using watercolour, and creatuing a line in a different way than I have before, like maybe using masking tape to create this white space. Perhaps then the end result would be less of a watery mess..

But hey, I’d need to actually get some watercolours first. ….Santa?


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